About Me.

From professional to personal and everything in between.

Allow me to introduce myself...

Just like the header says, my name is Allison van Dorsten. Born and raised in Marin County, California, being outside is a critical piece of who I am.I grew up creative; I ran the gammet of all the different hats I wanted to wear when I grew up. Cartoonist, costume designer, SNL Superstar, and everything in between. But one constant in my life since I knew how loud my voice could be: theatre. Public speaking, musical theatre, improv. When I'm not on stage fooling around, you can catch me in the water paddle boarding, teaching and practicing yoga, and sometimes doing them at the same time!

Come June of 2019, I will be one degree "hotter." After studying communication and minoring in professional writing with an emphasis in multimedia, I will graduate the University of California, Santa Barbara in three years with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Wrapping up my studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina this summer, I will make my way back to beautiful Santa Barbara to pursue a Master's Degree in Technology Management. UCSB has brought out a leadership style in me that I hadn't explored while in theatre: fearless and persistent. I am the current Collegiate Panhellenic Council President of UCSB Sorority life, as well as a multi-part-time-job holding student and Lead Research Assistant for the University.

What does the future hold?

While academia has been at the forefront of career entering my twenties, I aspire to work in the creative side of the technology industry. A traditional "woman in STEM" is not how I would characterize myself, but I'm looking to bend the tradition of what women in tech can do.

While I've had my dreams of owning a bakery or starring on Saturday Night Live or having my own talk show, my ultimate goal is be a badass lady boss. What that means or how it looks? Couldn't tell you. That's for time and the world to decide.